Deeanna Juhas
Mende previously held positions as director of the Money Management & Trading Group at Cambridge Technology Partners, Inc., and as an analyst in the Quantitative Strategies Group at MDT Advisers, Inc. Deeannaalso held positions as an assistant professor of physics at Brown University and as a research associate at the Center for Theoretical Physics and the Department of Mathematics at MIT.
Academic Area
  • Ph.D., Forestry & Environmental Studies (Social Ecology), Yale University
  • M.Phil., Forestry & Environmental Studies (Social Ecology), Yale University
  • M.S., Natural Resource Management (Environmental Education & Interpretation), University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point
  • B.B.A., International Business & French, James Madison University
Awards and Honors
Outstanding Public Service Award;Distinguished Teaching Award
Academic Appointments
  • Graduate Student 1990
  • Assistant Professor 2012
705 West Campus Drive, Blacksburg 24061 USA
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